Thursday, March 18, 2010

For the Homies locked up..

I'm supposed to write my homie in Jail.. But i haven't yet. smh. I'm a bad friend. I just need stamps and an envelope.. I said I was gonna write like two weeks ago. I feel bad. Damn. I'm so gangsta. I have fam locked up for murder #nshit.. Oh lawd...

But I'm gangsta myself. I wish I was so bad. Damn. Guttah.

I won't say Free SoNSo because he did the crime & I do believe that you must do the time..

But I also think that not being able to afford a GOOD lawyer is the main reason why many of my fellow black brothers & sisters are locked up for years off some stupid drug case but a fuckin murderer can get off with just 15yrs.. A rapist/child molester sometimes only gets 3-5yrs. SMH. Oh yeah, but only if they're white. Aint that some shit?

That's the only problem I have with this fucked up justice system. Its not really about if you're guilty or not.. Its about if your lawyer is smart enough to get you out of trouble or prove you're insane, or that their isn't enough EVIDENCE smh. Bitches. White America.. White America.

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