Thursday, March 4, 2010

Awesome Shit

I said like two weeks ago I was gonna post my "diet" information on here. Its this diet that I created myself. I hated every diet I saw & decided to create my own. I don't wanna give ALL of it away but its essentially just a basic low calorie diet where I've cut out dairy, beef, & some other mess. Everything is grilled or baked. No added SALT. Only lean meats. & I eat less than 1400 calories a day. Sometimes I cheat-- & when I do I spend an EXTRA 30 mins in the gym. Oh & i probably drink more than 4 bottles of water a day.. & Im usually in the gym 3Xs a week for at least an hour.

Another awesome thing?? The photography business is really kicking off :) I have 5 clients lined up for next week!! So while you guys are at the beach lounging, I will be making money. I am however planning on going camping next week & visiting a few museums & the aquarium so I'm trying to do these clients in one or two days. Check out this AWESOME photo I captured Sunday in the wilderness----

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