Sunday, March 21, 2010

Real Shit.

I've always been disliked. Why? Because I'm fabulous. I am my own biggest fan. I ooze confidence. I love myself more than ANYONE else. I am my favorite person. I can talk about myself ALL damn day. I love that is giving voice to the little people who are still holding on to grudges stemming from High School, some even Middle School!

Yes, Brittney was always disliked. I won't even say HATED on because that's silly. They are just fascinated with what I'm doing or what I'm not doing. MY LIFE. Wow.

I remember having grown ass women dislike me because of the clothes I wore. Being made fun of because I wore big ass platform boots too school with mini skirts but THEN the whole 8th grade class going to Walmart & getting the imitations when they came out after Christmas break. I remember wearing stilettos almost everyday to school & treating the hallways as my own little runway-- turning the sidewalks outside to a makeshift catwalk just because I liked to walk in heels & I have a KILLER strut. AND because I knew that every guy wanted to fuck me & every bitch in the school knew that.

Everyone had that girl in their class that everyone just seemed to hate because she knew who she was & didn't give a damn about anyone's opinions. Never tried to please anyone. Did everything for myself. Lived my life according to my own rules. Walked to a badass instrumental in my head that no one else heard but me. I've always been different. I embraced that shit. At first I did want a lot of friends and as soon as I got them, I realized that people are fake as hell so I dropped them on there rear ends.

Did I ever think that I was BETTER than the next person? No. Never. I didn't come from money. My parents work hard for everything they have. Nothing was ever GIVEN to me. I had to work for it.

I did however choose to distance myself from MOST of the people I went to High School with. They were full of drama. Negative energy. Spewing hating from every pore in their body. I have a gift of reading people upon meeting them. Withing 5mins I know whose genuine & whose not. I know when you're trying to be slick and talk shit on the sly. I'm not dumb. THOSE are the people I stay away from. If I look down upon you, its only because spiritually you are BENEATH me.

You hate the fact that regardless of my size I have the potential to take your man. You hate the fact that I can gain and lose weight like THAT. You hate the fact that I don't give a flying hoot about what anyone thinks of me. You hate the fact that I am me.

I still remember the myspace profile you made about me NOT going to Spelman--- I WENT. I still remember the days when I was called a white girl because I actually enjoyed reading; I actually enjoyed writing; I actually made the honor roll & took AP classes; I actually spoke with SENSE & used correct grammar 90% of the time; I actually enjoyed LEARNING. I still remember everyone calling me a hoe because I had sex with this one guy... & then that one dude. Oops. They were friends? Hmmmm I didn't know that. Oh well. It is what it is. Then the rumors that they ran a train on me which is why I walk the way that I walk.. Hahahahaha!

There's so much more that people like to comment on that they know nothing about. Do you REALLY wanna know why I don't go to Spelman anymore? I don't like that damn school. There. Wonderful institution, just not for me. I only stayed as long as I did for the sake of my parents. Now I said fuck it. I don't want to do that with my life anymore. I want to do something else. Which is why my ass is in the GYM daily.  Its all apart of a bigger picture. I have goals in life. I want a career, you want a job. I want to be great. You settle for mediocrity. Fuck real shit, this is just Brittney Shit.

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