Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FAMU Sextape Scandal

How do we know that the FAMU sextape isn't REAL & that it HAD to be paid actors??

1) Who eats doritos off of a nipple?? Can we get some chocolate syrup??

2) Why are they drinkin Alize?? WHO is drinkin Alize in THIS decade?? smh..

3) Why aren't they REALLY drunk?? College kids know how to party.. smh

4) Whats up with the WACK ass music??

5) Why everybody eating out the SAME twat??

6) No condoms??

7) there is NO WAY in hell that all those men would be in the same room completely naked together & nobody yells out "NO HOMO" smh..

8) Dudes don't have to eat out sluts to get it.. they were ready & willing after a nipple lick. Go STRAIGHT to penetrating

9) Fat girls were acting shy as hell & WE KNOW fat girls are the biggest freaks-- especially when they are drunk..

10) The commentary: "This is what we do in college".. Umm you dont have to say you're in college.. smh

11) HBCU dorms do NOT look that nice..

12) who wears velour jackets??

13) there was not ONE cock blockin friend who said "This is going too far.. we need to stop"

14) everybody was too comfortable to fuck on camera.. college girls at least ACT like they're shy when they do hoe like shit.. lol

15) Why that ONE cameraman aint get in on the action.. Smh. Somebody woulda been like time out MY turn!

16) AGAIN:
Things that only happen in porn: A room full of completely naked black men with their peens slangin & nobody sayin #NOHOMO smh
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17) The triple kiss is so MTV Spring Break circa 2000

18) since when did asian girls take black dick so easily??

19) since when did dudes eat out the SAME smut without makin her give him head first?? Come on now.. Smuts give before they receive..

20) i dont know of any straight male who'd put on women's bra
while on camera all willy nilly
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21) And if they were really in a dorm, the RA would have came.
(via @FlyWidItCustoms)

22) No one even refilled their drink.(via @FlyWidItCustoms)

23) Who will REALLY eat the ass of a chick for THAT long.. ON camera.. & THEN release it??

24) WHO is gonna eat out a chick after everybody is fuckin?? Ass backwards. Only a pornstar would.

(sorry, i wrote more than 15.. I got excited )


The Uppity Negro said...


They def got paid, that's clear cuz it's uploaded to a site. Were those HBCU dorms? Iono, I've seen some that nice. And it clearly looked like a lived in college dorm room, whatEVER college it was.

Moreover, I've been at schools and attended schools where the RA could give to shyts about the bumping music and what not. And some college girls are out there, trust me, i mean WAYYYYY out there and everyone knows it. Annnd, if these really are FAMU students, given the size of that campus, it wouldn't be hard to find people to participate.

And, as a dude, trust me, you wouldn't have been hollering "no homo" all around. I def think these were some college kids who got paid, these aren't prof pRon actors.

Jonathan said...

Well first of I think if you are going to make commentary on a video, you should watch the whole video lol

they were prolly drinkin Alize cuz they looked like some little ass kids and one of the girls name was actually Alize.

No condoms? At numerous times during the video niggas was asking where the condoms were lol

Like dude above me said, no dude in that room woulda been focused on "no homo"

The fat girl ur talking about that was acting shy actually ended up leaving with her friend lol pretty messed up assumption u made...maybe she just has morals lol

Just think u shoulda paid closer attention if u were gonna decide to flat out call something fake

Bee Michelle said...

Well.. THIS post was just a 'joke'. It doesn't prove anything. I just did it for shits & giggles. I didn't mean saying NOHOMO but there were many NOHOMO like moments. I did notice the condoms thing later bc I was watching this video while I wrote it..

But I still proved that it was a "hoax" & not an authentic FAMU tape in my OTHER post.. RIGHT?? Yup. I sure did.

& That is how I know its "fake". Not by watching the video itself, but INVESTIGATING.

Wam bam, thank you ma'am.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

LMAO @ that whole list. I've never been to FAMU so I don't know what the dorms look like and whatnot, but the thing that made me go "hmmm..." was that they felt the need to keep reminding us that they were in college (i.e. "This is college life! This is college sex!" etc). I know for myself, when you're in college, that's that. No need to repeat it in an attempt to convince yourself (and everyone around you) that you are in college.

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