Wednesday, March 3, 2010

For the Record...

All of Flawless/Ashley's profiles are locked up NOW but they weren't last night. Once I said "This is the girl, she doesn't go to FAMU" a lot of people started to hit her up and she made her profile private. ( I guess)

I did however see that She had pics of EVERYONE in the video, & there are other pics I have on my computer of her hanging out with Jomarie (the Asian chick) & Alize but I don't have to post those because I'm not BASHING her. I'm not trying to OUT her because she was just doing her job. I don't need to give you guys all of my evidence. =]

I had ONE purpose for this blog- To prove that the young people in that sex tape weren't actual FAMU students & I think I did that. If you need more information, by all means please try to investigate yourself. Wait, you did & you found her profiles locked =/.

Thank God for screen caps huh? :)

Be glad that someone like Me, took a few minutes out of her busy day to do what many didn't even think of. You have the screen caps, you have the sources, what else do you want? Please find me pictures of these people in FAMU hoodies & shit on FAMU campus in a dorm at FAMU & then try to challenge my journalistic integrity. You forget that I'm only 21. I'm still a student. I'm just speaking up for my HBCU family.


Shawwn said...

kudiolkogood job, you did GREAT investigating that whole glad someone set the record straight - i myself go to a HBCU in florida don't need that bad rep.
i followed your blog! im keeping up lol. peace!

Bee Michelle said...

Thank you!! If you blog I'll be sure to follow you back :)