Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blah blah blah

Who's G Shock is THIS?! Hmmmm
B.Ashely & B.Michelle

People are finally coming around to my natural hair. I guess that now after a year of lookin "busted" to them, they know that I'm serious & this is not a phase. Guys always come up to me & ask "Why did you cut your hair? It used to be soooo long" & I'm honestly confused because my tresses haven't been past shoulder length since freshman year of high school. Ever since I got a relaxer in 8th grade my hair has been breaking off. I'm kind of tired of answering questions as to why I decided to cut my hair.. I'm just tired of being judged by it. lol.

Guys now approach me differently because of my fro. They are even more intimidated by this thick chick in the club rockin the 6inches, curve hugging attire & the big mass of unruly curls on the top of my head.

Some dude told me I had "rockstar swagger". ewww i hate the word swagger. smh. I asked him to explain the rockstar shit & he said that I just give off this vibe like i'm a celebrity & everybody can fuck with that.

I was so drunk last night. I did some silly shit. I did some crazy shit. I did some wild shit. Please forgive me =/.

All i know is that I woke up with a gshock on.. Will the owner please contact me or I have a gshock for sale. Umm giveaway on the website?? Probably. I don't want this watch.

Umm.. I cant even blog right now. Ima just list my drinks:
slushie with cheap vodka.
shots of jose cuervo
a smirnoff
four shots patron
two test tube shot thingies
and three mixed drinks with a fuckin cherry in it. idk what it was but it was good.

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