Thursday, March 4, 2010

Letter Chasers

People annoy me. Now I know what you're thinking.. WHAT?! How can people annoy you? Well its not actually people in general, just some ish that people do. Being in the AUC i see/saw a lot of shit that annoyed me. One in particular, LETTER CHASERS.

Now Letter Chasers aren't just in the AUC, they are basically at all colleges & universities.

What is a "Letter Chaser"? The equivalent of a gold digger but instead of going after guys with money, they go after guys with letters-- guys in fraternities.

Once a guy gets those coveted letters on his chest, his pussy meter goes up drastically. That lame from Freshman year who could barely get a girl to message him back on facebook now has an abundance of women who are willing to drop drawers whenever he snaps his fingers. I'm infatuated with this one guy... We'll call him Alvin since I'm the Chipmunk. He has letters now but luckily he's still the same. :) Love that guy.

Letter Chasers are more annoying to me than Groupies. You are really willing to sleep with this guy because he's NOW in a frat? I'm sorry if you were a lame jackass before you joined, you will most likely still be one afterwards. Just a more arrogant lame jackass because you know that you can have way more girls now. SMH!

Letter Chasers, I frown down upon you. We as women should still have some morals in life. You're beneath a gold digger & a groupie to me. Gold diggers at least aim to get monetary gifts out of their pursuits, & groupies may become close to the celebrity they're banging to get gifts, backstage passes, tickets, money -- whatever that celebrity decides. Maybe even get knocked up & become one of Weezy's babymamas (Hahahaha, you know I had to do it )

But what does a Letter Chaser get? Not a damn thing but a few minutes of pleasure and maybe a fuck buddy for the time being. I don't give a damn about a reputation.. Bad reps are obsolete in my world. I'm just saying.. At least chase after the guy with the job offers & not the dude who has on that jacket. :)

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