Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Black Culture..

How can you define your blackness? Does straightening your hair take away from your blackness? Does having natural hair make you more black than those who relax their hair? How about wearing weave/wigs/extensions? Does altering or changing your natural hair make you more or less BLACK or is the topic of hair not even up to debate when discussing blackness??

Why am I asking this?

Well... I once had a debate with a guy about Beyonce not representing black culture because she wears a lacefront.

so my question to you is: What do you feel defines black culture? Does hair have ANYTHING to do with it or no?

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GinaMarie314 said...

It's hard to say what defines "black culture" I think hair has something to do with to a certain degree. Some women wear perms or their hair straight because it's all they ever knew. Most of us wasn't taught how to deal with the natural texture of our hair.

When I firs went natural 3 years ago in 2007 it was so hard and I was so confuse on what to do. It was def a trial and error experience but one that I am glad I mad. I was tired of be told that I had to have "straight hair" in order to have my head did or look good.

I think most of black women think that way and I feel that is when maybe hair has something to do with defining black culture.Black women feel that they need more European features in order to feel beautiful in society...straighter hair, lighter skin, etc.

I say if you wear weaves and all that just because you like variety then I feel it has not much to do with you not representing your blackness. But in you do it in an attempt to be something you are not then you are not representing your Blackness.

(sorry for the long comment LOL)