Friday, March 5, 2010

A Midsemester's Night Dream

i think that she is you wanna know why?

well, its a little past midnight on a saturday night and she is alone.but this is the norm..
she'll always be alone on a saturday night..
but not because there isn't anyone who'd like to spend time with her or keep her company when boredom overwhelms her..
she just prefers to be lonely. its better that way..
she won't have to be bothered with the awkward banter between herself and that random guy who obviously only has one thing on his mind..
she won't have to sit and be disgusted across the table from that overtlygross guy who has stared at her cleavage the whole night just for a free meal.
she won't have to exchange witty commentary with that super cool dude whom she feels extremely uncomfortable around because he only knows her thru fbook.
she won't have to worry about her appearance or what that new old guy thinksof her because he prefers his ladies to have a head full of newly purchased hair.

She can just be herself, with herself.
No strings. No worries.

shell always be a little bit lonely but its okay..
its better that way.
who wants to impress others when they've already thoroughly impressed themselves.

she can only be in the company of another who has already accepted her for HER, flaws and all.
someone who understands her..
someone who can read between the lines because she doesn't come out and says exactly what she wants..
but still he knows exactly what she means.
why bother with the not quite rights or he's cute but not my types..
or the well he makes me laugh and the sex is amazing but...

no need to explain why.
he just simply is.
until then..
she'll just be um,

lonely :)

**originally posted November 2008**

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