Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dumb It Down?

This is a MAJOR problem. Please do NOT DM or tweet me asking me to send you the link to the sextape. Obviously you found my twitter name HERE, on this blog meaning you READ the post where it addresses that whole sextape nonsense. All of the information I want you to have is written right THERE. You're just too lazy to read it! If you take the few minutes it takes to read you will find everything you're asking me about! If its not there then GOOGLE it! SMH.

Thats the problem with with world today. People are TOO lazy. (Mainly our generation). Nobody wants to read & find out stuff on their own anymore. I blame technology. Everything is available to you so fast & easy that if you have to take a little time out of your busy day to search a little & find out something on your own, you complain!


Also, don't ask stupid questions like THIS young lady:

IDK Miss Stephania.. You tell me how the video was filmed in a dorm if it wasn't at FAMU.. Do you know? Obviously you don't since you asked. I guess I could tell you. It was filmed somewhere set up to look like a dorm or whatnot in Miami. There are MANY dorms out there OR (get this!) YOU CAN EASILY TRANSFORM A ROOM TO LOOK LIKE A DORM!! smh. I don't like dumb ppl..

Like seriously, I resent all of this attention Vividly Bland is getting because now I have to deal with stupid people who ask dumb questions. Dumb comments. I'm not going to highlight information for you with big bold print & arrows directing you to what you're looking for. I can't dumb it down, so smarten up!

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