Saturday, March 20, 2010

Complicated My Ass..

If I ever have to put "its complicated" about any relationship I'm in on here, I think I'd go back to just being "single". Either we're together or we're not. That doesn't seem too complicated to me.. I think that some people are just so pressed to be in a relationship that they'd take a piece of man. Like Betty said "Having a piece of man is better than having no man at all--" 

I don't believe that at all. If he isn't 100% with me, why bother? Why on earth would you even put "Its Complicated" about your relationship with a person-- especially when in the very beginning? Did you guys not discuss it yet? Are they technically still with someone else? If that's the case then its an "open relationship" which is just as bad if not worse.

I refuse to share. I refuse to settle. I rather be single that have a half ass relationship just for the sake of not being ALONE.

Get your priorities straight. These are probably the same people who look down upon me because I have no problem with having casual sex if I feel the urge to. To those people I say: At least I'm not hanging on to the tiniest hope that its more than what it is. When I have casual sex, I know its just sex. I'm not hoping it turns into more.. (most of the time). 

I'm not perfect but still... Yall hoes are silly.


Val or Pro Brooklynite said...

dead... its complicated usually means "yes i love him but he hasn't claimed me yet so im still waiting till that shit happen but dont need to be telling everybody whats what or im gon jinx it" lmaoooooooooooo im done.

Bee Michelle said...

That's what I'm saying!! That shit isn't complicated.. You're just sitting there like a dumb ass because he hasn't accepted your relationship request or "isn't ready" to make it official OR he just doesn't want "everybody in my business on facebook". Silly rabbits.