Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hair Update

I'm tired of using heat so I'm going back to basics. My hair was feeling a lil ew & my scalp needed to be cleaned but i didnt want to use shampoo =/ so I decided to do a scalp cleanse using one tablespoon of baking soda & one cup of hot water mixed together. It dissolved the baking soda completely & was just enough to work into my WHOLE head (my hair is pretty thin). I scrubbed my scalp down & rinsed in the shower. I followed that with a co-wash using Olive Oil Conditioner (laying around my mother's bathroom). I've learned that its easiest to
untangle my hair while in the shower under the running water using a wide tooth comb. I did that & my hair looked soooo freaking nice  & tangle free. Then I used Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum and coated my hair thoroughly. This adds a lil gloss/sheen without being greasy. It also cuts down the drying time by ALOT. My hair was completely dry in less than 2hrs (usually takes longer when I air dry & my hair is thin). After that I used my mango butter with olive oil and twirled around my coils. I think this is a pretty decent wash n go style.


DevyneMyzT said...

LOL. Wish my herr woulda did that! I might not have loc'd it...which could be a posiive or a negative...*shrug*
Anyways, looking good gurl!

Bee Michelle said...

My hair has a mind of its own.. does whatever it feels. I wish i had dreads but i don't have the patience for that smh