Friday, March 12, 2010

Smoke Sum Bitch

Sometimes I like to do things others may view as BAD or unattractive. I clearly don't care. If I feel like smoking I will smoke. If I feel like getting drunk on my ass I will be slizzard off that damn goose! That's just me. If a guy wants me, he must first accept me at my worse... No makeup, puffy eyed, morning breath, wild hair, ashy toed-- ALL OF THAT. lol. If he doesn't like smokers-- he can't smoke. If he doesn't like drinkers then he CANT drink. If he expects me to be a virgin, he must be a virgin. lol

All I'm saying is.. I like to do shit. A lot of shit. Unhealthy shit but I feel like Wayne. I can get killed in a car crash tomorrow.. if my lifestyle doesn't kill me something else will. 


UglyCleanBroke87 said...

I co-sign with this whole post (especially the "fuck you" tag. lol). For whatever reason, guys get extra salty when girls do things that they (the guys) view as "unladylike." But you can't expect to get an angel unless you're pretty damn angelic yourself.

Bee Michelle said...

IMA RT that :)