Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fuck Sandra Rose

Sandra Rose says that Erykah Badu did her video in front of a green screen and her booty was digitally enhanced in the Window Seat video. Umm All I can say is #SitYOURASSDOWN! Why does Sandra Rose always talk shit?? She's right up there with MediaTakeOut. a screen grab doesn't mean shit. People were indeed looking at her in the video. I don't think that Miss Badu would lie about shooting the video guerilla style, one take,.. Come on now Sandra Rose! I think you're jealous of Erykah's fatty. She has had three kids. She isn't skinny anymore. The donk is natural. you can't digitally enhance a butt to jiggle that well especially when she's touching it. & if she was gonna change her body she would've gave herself bigger boobs and a few abs as well.

This is silly. I'm not gonna say anything else but.. Who ARE YOU?! I don't even visit your website. Wackness.

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xoxo_sam said...

she also probably didnt see her perform on jimmy kimmel. That ass was there! lol