Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Dallas Cowboys

Football season is right around the corner!!! I so can't wait! I LOVE football. I mean, when I was younger I only wanted to be a cheerleader because I wasn't allowed to play football. I may not look it, but I'm pretty much a beast on the field, especially Defense. Don't let my cute face fool you I have no problem tackling you down to the ground. Football is in my blood :). When I was in elementary I had a poster of Emmit Smith on my wall. lol.

Dallas Cowboys are simply the best. Everyone knows them. I mean, their cheerleaders are more well known than your whole franchise. =]

Did you know that actress Jill Marie Jones (Toni Childs on Girlfriends) was a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?! Me neither! And she's from Texas. Even better.

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