Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Three Days of Hair

 I was tired of my weave. It made my scalp itchy and frankly, its too damn hot for all that damn hair. So I took it out and washed my hair. Ahh.. it felt lovely. Unfortunately I did not plan on having my hair out for another week or so and I didn't have ANY hair products. *sigh* All i had was my BFFs Aussie brand shampoo & conditioner.
 Since my hair wasn't happy, it was severely dry and soon ended up looking like a huge frizz ball. I became frustrated and decided to give myself a high bun. I was pleasantly surprised that my hair grew enough to fit into a high bun. My friends on the other hand LAUGHED because.. Well my bun was a baby. I called it a "Bun Bee" get it? Bun B? Yeah okay..

 The same night I got tired of my bun and decided I needed to try something new. Bantu knots to the rescue. Uber Fail though. For one, I didn't have any of my hair products so my hair was frizzy instead of silky. I mean, they worked but it was stuck to my head. I forgot that my hair wasn't THAT long to do knot outs just yet.
 I quickly brushed up the sides and made a fro hawk. I mean, I had to do something with my awful bantu knot out. Couldn't waist it. *sigh*
 The next day I was bored again. My hair looked a mess so I decided to do a braid out. I didn't leave the braids in long though. Just a couple of hours. You know what that means? Another frizzy hair day. My fro was HUGE though and I stood out. I really prefer my natural hair to weave. It just takes MORE time and I'm lazy. I like people staring. I like the questions. My hair is bomb.

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