Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hair Envy

My best friend hair is beyond gorgeous. Its long as hell. I'm jealous. Why? Because my thin tresses pale in comparison to her thick gorgeous mane. I mean, I can't be too hard on Chloe. I've always had thinner hair. It was ALOT of hair but it wasn't really thick. Especially when I was younger. My hair was the exact same way it is now. lol..

Hair envy is nothing new. I always compare my hair to everyone else and I'm like "I've been natural for like 2 years now.. Why isn't my hair like HERS!" Then I remember that unlike these girls I didn't really think about transitioning until months after I had cut all my hair off. I just didnt feel like relaxing my hair again. I never thought I'd go natural it just happened.

But still.. as I approach the two year mark and I see girls whose hair has surpassed mine in 9 months I'm so envious. I mean girls come up to me and they are oogling over my texture and curls and I'm just like fuck it. I'd take the nappiest texture out there it were long. Fuck a curl pattern. I want volume more than length. My bestie has both. Still jealous.

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