Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shit That Made Me Giggle

Told ya I was "Pretty Freakin Awesome".  #GoogleMe

Why yes, I'd love to make babies with Drake. Do I have to hit up @JPrince713 or what?? 

You know there's still #FanFiction stories out their?! Yes.. This one is about the love triangle of Keyshia Cole, Young Jeezy & Ciara-- Gasp!

I blame that Devil's Water.

Pedicures. If you don't get the deluxe then WHAT are you doing?!

"Happy Trails to you.... Until we meet again.."

I thought I was bout it bout it until I read the SECOND meaning =/

I miss those Honesty Box days. Where the fuck is my secret admirer or did everyone get one of these?? *sigh*

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