Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MTV girl :)

In the 90s cable was the ultimate luxury. This is when people still had those HUGE silver antenna thingmobobbers on their roof's to pick up the signal. If you lived in a non-urban area like I did, BET was not on regular cable (along with Disney). If I wanted to hear urban music I had to use my rinky dink radio and move the antenna all over my room until I reached the static filled station of 97.9 The Box. It wasn't all bad though. I still had Nickelodeon-- which was the best in the 90s. Hands down. AND I had my MTV. Yes, I was obsessed with MTV. This was when they actually played music videos all the freakin time. For this very reason I know many different styles of music. I know Marilyn Manson. I know Korn. I know Alanis. I know Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I know too much. *sigh*

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