Saturday, August 28, 2010

No One Chills at 2am

Boys. I've BEEN over them. Why are they still on me though? Like, yes I'm a NICE girl. I love to converse with you via facebook chat and occasionally tweet you or "lol" on one of your status updates.. Hell I may even text you from time to time-- this does not mean that I will be that girl who decides to "chill" with you at 2:30am. How old am I? Yea I've BEEN there and DONE that. I'm talking you're still on high school game? So not your "late night hype" type.

Boys are so stupid. I used to entertain the nonsense. I used to come over at 2am and then act "surprised" when he tried to kiss on me or give me a massage *eye roll*. OR I'd invite them over to my place and have on "Memoirs of a Geisha" and make them watch it, then expect them to leave when its over. Hehehe.

Now, I don't even bother. Shut em completely down. I mean you can't even tell a guy "I'll come over to chill but Im not trying to hook up" anymore. They think you're just playing hard to get. Ugh. Whatever! I'm not playing. I don't wanna smell your saliva all over my body. Gross.

No one chills at 2am. NO ONE! If you're not planning on having sex, stay at home in your bed- alone!

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subspencious said...

Let's face it. People today are too interconnected to their Virtual lives over the internet. to the point many of us are more comfortable meeting people here online instead of talking to women and men they see every day.

To make a long story short. Guys these days are insecure losers. I hope this brightens your evening now ironically shortly after 2:05am est