Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fuck Kat Stacks Part 2

So tonight Katherine slutty ass decides to tweet Carmelo Anthony asking if he tastes like caramel. Surprisingly Melo tweeted back “nah I taste like death”. smh. Then Lala tweeted her talkin bout some bird seeds & how she’d only tell her one time. Blast mode. Then Kat tweeted “which one on my groupie friends with Lala’s husband bending over for Melo?”. Eventually Melo offered anyone on twitter 5 stacks to slap Kat. *sigh* Why?? I mean, she does needs to be slapped. She aint cute. But 5 stacks?? Umm lets just say I hope I see her in ATL for my bee day. I don’t mind slapping her.. and 5 stacks would be lovely for my bee day. kat

carm carm2



oh yeah.. click on the screen caps for a better view. smh. Twitter MESS is the best.

1 comment:

subspencious said...

Seriously. This woman has no self-respect for herself and her only true virtuous mission is to get back at all them rappers who treated her like the stupid slut she is. In away I don't blame her for having a just cause (even though its hard to believe).......But well....fuck it no body feel sorry for this ex-pimp wanna be gangster psycho white chick whore.

I mean like Seriously her screen name is @ihatekatstacks as in she hates herself so...all carmeloanthony you and I are doing is adding fuel to a fire she set herself.