Friday, August 20, 2010


 So I got bored. I twisted my hair (like my fourth time EVER.. Now that my hair is longer I think this is a good protective style. When I go out I just pull it back with a headband. If I want, I can pull it into a bun. They kinda look like dreads now. I think I wanna loc my hair eventually.
 Its funny because my hair is SO curly, my twists end up twirling up on the ends all spirally so my hair looks even shorter. I hate the shrinkage but its kinda cute :)
Length check. Twists are slightly past shoulder when pulled :)

I LOVE natural hair. It's so healthy now. Still a bit thin but there isn't much I can do to deal with genetics. I think I'm gonna start taking prenatal vitamins soon. I call this style "twirls" because my twists never stay straight. Eventually they fight the twist effect and curl up, thus creating "twirls" :)

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