Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let's Be Real...

So many people are saying that "if Aaliyah were still alive there would be NO Beyonce..". Umm okay. Let's look at Aaliyah's numbers. She doesn't compare to what Bey's numbers were for her albums. Aaliyah wasn't really popular beyond the hip-hop/r&b genre while Beyonce is a pop superstar. Yea Aaliyah was great at what she did but she didn't write her own songs, she didn't produce, she didn't do anything but sing how they told her. (I know some of you will beg to differ that Beyonce doesn't write her own songs but she has.. shush). I'm a huge Aaliyah fan but some of your opinions are a bit OUT THERE. Like you don't even NONE of her music beyond the singles or the B side tracks. You don't know about the tracks in the middle of the album. You only know those that had videos. You aren't a true fan. Let's be real, if Aaliyah wasn't so cool, humble, and pretty no one would've cared. She was just a sweet girl who sung sweet songs. Her performances weren't out there. Her vocal range wasn't crazy. None of that.

I love Aaliyah like the next person. I still have my Aaliyah CDs. I just don't think people should be saying she is the BEST. She wasn't even the best of the 90s. Mariah Carey was. TLC was. They had #1s.. They had chart topping albums. Her last album didn't reach #1 until after her death.

Forget the what ifs. She had her time. She was meant to do her thing and make a name for herself. She wasn't the greatest artist ever but she was "cool". She was good.

Just not the greatest.

Be mad all you want but its the truth. Shush.


Alesia-Mason said...

But if it weren't for Aaliyah, Bey wouldn't be were she is. Black folks didn't get all that much love before Aaliyah and yeah Beyonce can sing and dance but Aaliyah could sing, dance and act.

Vividly Bland said...

I disagree. Black folks definitely got love before Aaliyah. Whitney Houston?? Brandy?? Monica?? TLC?? Mariah?? Patti? Chaka?? Or how about the males, Prince, MJ, and all of the soul singers before her. Yeah. Beyonce acts. She sings. She dances. I'm just saying Aaliyah didn't have that big of an impact. She didn't become a superstar until after death. I'm not knocking her, I'm just saying people give Aaliyah a tad bit more credit than she deserves. Most of that should go to Timbaland & Missy.

Aaliyah was a beautiful person inside & out she just wasn't that GREAT of an artist.

Alesia-Mason said...

I see your point but honestly, most people I know listen to Aaliyah more than Beyonce b/c Bey doesn't have that soulfulness like Aaliyah had. While Bey has dance tracks, nothing else is played by her like that. Aaliyah has the slow songs that make you think. I can remember where I was when an Aaliyah song was played detail by detail but Bey? Just a footnote. In the end, all I can do is respect YOUR opinion because it's your opinion.

Vividly Bland said...

Totally understandable! I value your opinion as well. I still LOVE Aaliyah as much as the next person. I have all of her CDs. I still listen to her. I just prefer Beyonce. But thanks for voicing your opinion hun.