Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If You Ask Me I’m Ready..

I’m finally ready. I’m done being single. I’m done with the casual affairs, emotionless hookups and loveless days. I’m ready for cuddling, kissing, loving and living. I’m ready to be with him. I’m ready to grow up and be devoted to another human being as I am devoted to myself. I’m ready to give my all to a relationship. I am ready for dating. I’m ready for the nights together, the mornings together. I’m ready for you. You just have to ask me.


subspencious said...

This is a pretty short blog for someone done with the single life. Your not tied of being single, your just tired of being alone. Well I mean not trying to sound insulting but maybe your just a little bored?

Vividly Bland said...

I wrote this last month. I just tweeted it because I like to "reflect". It doesn't have to be a long blog. I said everything I needed and wanted to say in 5 lines or less.