Thursday, August 26, 2010

so in lust

We used to be so in lust. So intense. Our bodies never apart. Fingers intertwined. Tingles down the spine. Kisses-tasty. Love? Hasty. Emotionless affection that was pure fabrication of a love I longed for.

We used to be so in lust. I remember how you kissed me. Never on the lips- we agreed that was against the rules. It would ruin our emotionless connection and no one wanted to be hurt. You never kissed me on the lips, but many times we almost did. Breathing in sync. I’d lay my head on your chest and feel your heartbeat.. I could hear your heart beat and I loved how it matched mine.  I’d stare into your soul and you’d gaze back into mine. I felt everything you felt and saw everything you didn’t. Our lips millimeters away from touching and then suddenly I giggle. Giggling to break up the connection. You smile. For a moment we thought of breaking the rules but we didn’t. We never do.

So in lust with you am I. So in lust with me are you. In lust with my seductive eyes. In lust with your soft lips. In lust with your ripped body. In lust with my full hips. So in lust we are.

So in lust we once we were. So in like we once were. So in love we should’ve been. So in… So in my heart I keep you. Memories are all that I have left of what almost was. I still hear your voice in my ear when I’m in bed alone. I still feel your fingertips gently tickling my spine. I still smell you when my face is buried in my pillow. I still smell you when I find myself pulling out your shirt to sleep in. I pretend that the fabric is you and that you never left. So in love with you I’ll always be. Infatuated with all of you.

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