Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Really Hate..

Online applications. EVERYTHING is electronic now. Ugh! If you follow my blog then you know that I HATE technology to a certain extent. The more advanced technology is the less personal things become. No one writes letters anymore. No one verbally speaks anymore. We all text. Our thoughts and feelings are crammed into 140 characters or less!

Even the job hunting process is different. At first I enjoyed filling out things online. I mean, I have auto fill so the basic info was automatically filled out for me but then there are those long redundant questions that are supposed to assess your character. Basically wanting to know "will you steal from us? will you make us lose money? will you cause problems?" Its not HARD its just annoying and you quickly become irritated. I mean, I WOULD give my friends discounts but am I supposed to tell you that?! Do you know that I will? Ugh annoying.

And how am I supposed to know you actually received my application? I have to call to make sure it was received. Right... Then I have to wonder if you're lying just to get me off the line. SMH. Or you're looking at my lack of experience and I can't sit there and talk to you face to face and explain that yes its true I haven't WORKED that many places but I've done a lot of work. I've done volunteer work. I've done temp work. I've done a lot of shit. I just haven't worked in retail.

I enjoy filling out apps by hand, getting ink on my fingers, perfecting my signature. I LOVE IT! *sigh*

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