Friday, August 20, 2010

Power remix

"Now Jay my big brother and Bey my little sister. And excuse me but you can't see my little sister.." - Kanye

Basically. If Kanye says Bey is the best, Bey is the BESTEST!

"We on that Norman Mailer shit.. In search of the truth even if it goes through Taylor Swift, tell her this.." - Jay Z
I love how they keep pokin fun at the VMA shit. But Kanye was telling the truth. Bey soo shoulda won that award. lol. Sorry Taylor! 

Anywho, you guys need to take a listen to the Power remix with Jay-z and Swizz Beats. 

Almost as amazing as "My niggas is home" - Beyonce on the "See Me Now" track with Charlie Wilson.

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