Friday, August 13, 2010

Youngest N Charge

So basically I know these guys. Well two of them (BP & Young Mike). I have so many stories about these guys due to the fact that I've known them since elementary school. I still have their TYT cd somewhere with the rest of my boxed up childhood. I even had "beef" with some girls over this song they had when I was younger called "I aint ya man" or something along those lines. But I won't get into THAT right now *hehehe* ---

Their group is called Youngest N Charge. The other guy in the group Young B is like Bun B's step son. Anywho, you guys should check them out. Oh yea and like most of this video was shot in Huntsville. I normally don't cosign any up & coming rappers but these guys are actually good.. Follow them on twitter @youngestNcharge.

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