Monday, August 30, 2010

Steve From Blues Clues

Is NOT Dead. He’s very much alive. I remember when I first heard this rumor years ago. He OD’d.. or He killed himself. We all figured it was because he spent all those years talking to things that weren’t there. *shrugs* Someone on twitter asked if the rumor was true.. Since he left the show like in 2002-2003 and its 2010 NOW I guess we could debunk the rumor again.


He’s an indie rocker now I believe. MTV did a story on him in 2007

He may be acting. Who knows. I loved Blues Clues though. I do the BEST Blue parody. I’m a beast at animal noises though.

So its cool. Steve is still kicking it. Hey Steve, can you do an interview?? You were awesome. I loved Nick Jr. even when I was super old because of you.




subspencious said...

Well aren't you behind the times. I could of told you this

Vividly Bland said...

I soo knew that years ago.. Someone tweeted it and I decided to blog about it. Didn't you READ ANYTHING I SAID?! SMH