Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Just Hair

‎"... So now "naturals" don't like Badu because of her hair? So I guess we hate Beyonce too because of her lacefronts? Yeah. Its her hair. Pro-Natural doesn't mean anti everything else." 

I don't fit in well with the natural community. I dislike most naturals because they are more judgmental than others. They're quicker to lash out on someone who decides to chemically alter their hair or other parts of their body yet feel slighted when people make comments about their natural hair. Its just hair to me. I LOVE HAIR! I love weave. I would LOVE to dye my hair funky colors but I'm afraid (lol). If I feel like relaxing my hair tomorrow thats MY business. Hell, its MY hair. I should be able to do whatever the fuck I wanna do with MY hair. As should Erykah Badu. She never came out and said that her hair was natural. She usually rocked weave/wigs/extensions. My mother, sister and all of my aunts have long ass relaxed hair. I don't hate their hair. I love it. This is just another way that black people separate themselves. First it was light skin vs dark skin now its natural hair vs relaxed/chemically altered hair. *eye roll* 

Can we focus on the fledgling economy? Or my student loan debt? Or why its getting hotter and hotter?? Yeah.. thought so. 

I'm done with you natural hair sisters. I'ma just rock to my own beat.

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