Saturday, August 14, 2010


I do not hate any group of people. I do not hate Muslims. I do not hate Christians. I do not hate Hispanics, gays, Caucasians, illegal immigrants, etc.. I do not hate any one group of people. I do not understand why all Muslims have to be treated as terrorists. Its the same as saying all white people are racists or that all blacks commit crimes. Being upset that a mosque will be built a few blocks away from “ground zero” is appalling. If the mosque can’t be built there, how about it be built next door to where you live. I promise you, ignorant individuals hate our president and hate anything that has to do with “change”. There are more issues going on today than a mosque being built. Racial tension will always be high. Idiots will always say idiotic things and have idiotic views and have idiotic children.


Audrey B. said...

I feel the same way. The way people are reacting to where the mosque will be built is embarrassing as a nation. Really? Are were blaming a whole religion for the acts of a small sect? If that's the case then Catholic churches shouldn't be built near, well anything. BTW, I read your blog everyday and always have something I want to say, but never comment. hmmmm :)

Vividly Bland said...

I actually tweeted that! lol. Catholic Priests have been molesting little boys for years and you don't see anyone banning those churches being built! SMH.

And thanks for reading EVERYDAY! You don't have to comment, but they are always appreciated.