Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just a Crush

I was on facebook last night and this white guy who I went to High School with & had in a few classes revealed that he always had a crush on me. He was just too timid or whatever to say anything then and didn’t think that I liked white guys. lol. FUNNY. Well, I’ll have you know that I indeed like White Guys- “I don’t discriminate, I regulate every shade of that…” – Biggie.

This brief conversation made me think.. How many guys have you had crushes on but NEVER acted on it?? Hmmmmm.. I have a few I can tell you about….

The most recent was my freshman year at Spelman. I basically fell in “love” with this one guy over facebook the summer prior. lol.. It got so bad that I wrote in his honesty box ALL the time confessing my “undying love” for him. Sometimes I even put the weirdest shit in there. Like “If you were a hamburger, you’d be a McGorgeous”. Yeah i know, LAME. I read everything he writes.. I think that’s what initially drawn me to him. I’m a sucker for writers and creative thinkers and musicians and the all around artsy guy. Blah. I NEVER told him how I felt though and I doubt if I ever will.

It’s just funny because I’m not shy at ALL! I can walk up to just about any guy and tell him how I feel.. Just not this one. lol. Maybe one day I’ll tell him.. if I ever muster up the courage. I don’t wanna have sex with him.. I don’t wanna be his girlfriend, i just have a crush on him. Innocent kindergarten crush.

I wonder if anyone has a crush on me……

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