Friday, July 16, 2010

BP Oil Spill

So.. Word on the tweet is BP has finally "capped" off the leak... Don't know why it has taken so long but yeah. So now we must clean up the gulf. I wish I had more information but the the news channels were more interested in Bristol Palin and her baby daddy (whom they never refer to as her baby daddy because she's white & a republican-- but that's another story) getting back together. Oh how I love how the media controls us! They love to say how we're so FREE and have so much more freedom than other country's when we really don't. Yes we may be able to SAY what we want (just about..) but our voices are rarely heard. Those with the most money still control everything. Their opinions sometime are polluting our minds as facts. Oh how I love America! and oh how I love being fed bullshit and propaganda daily. In a few weeks the Oil Spill with be another blip in our distant memory. Does anyone remember Haiti? Of course you don't. After a few weeks of screaming about how the world was ending because of all the earthquakes happening in different parts of the world your minds became focused on other world issues-- Like the World Cup & Lebron James signing with the Heat. Ahhh yes.

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