Friday, July 16, 2010

Twitter Twin?

This dude [@FingerStinger] found a girl on twitter who somewhat resembles me. I mean, I'm usually like "That bitch don't look like me.." but this chick kinda does.

Her name is Lee Lee i guess (according to twitter @l3eL3e ). Do you think she looks like me? The eyes.. cheeks.. maybe its the mouth. I wish I had her eyebrows though. She's pretty. I like her hair. & her tat. And her makeup is wayyy better than mine. *sigh* This is just the closest pic I could find of me with red lips, leaning down and looking straight to the camera.


Deann Dmere said...

She sure does! Wow that's something.. You're both dolls!..:)

Bee Michelle said...

Awww thanks :) Even my dad asked if that was a pic of me lol

Anonymous said...

wow, y'all do favor!! you even have the same nose.