Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.
(From Facebook over a year ago.. in 2008/2009)

1. I HATE to have my food touching each other on my plate. I know, its like all going to the same place and will get mixed up eventually but.. yeah, nothing is worse that SOGGY cornbread.

2. I always eat my french fries first whenever i order fast food cuz i hate cold fries.. They are disgusting. And fries are like my favorite food ever.. So if they are cold, i get pissed. And don't let them forget my ketchup.. i'll cut a bitch..

3. I was born with six fingers on each hand. My dad was born with an extra finger as well. I don't still have them but yeah, some people are grossed out by it.. I think its kinda cool, makes me feel a bit more special than everyone else.. The main reason why when everyone else only knew how to count to ten in spanish when we were in first grade, i could count to twelve :):)

4. I get annoyed VERY easily, especially when meeting new guys~ and its always the SAME questions. Ugh. You know the "So tell me about yourself.." How in the world am I supposed to tell you about myself in under a minute; and i say minute because we all know that most guys have short attention spans so things must be kept under sixty seconds or they'll just tune you out. AND i'm too BEEZY to be put in such a little box of words [mea, lmao] So i just tell them to read my blog. You can figure me out more by what I write than what I could ever tell you. Most dudes just say fuck it and move on lol

5. I hate when people try to hook me up with people. It makes me feel like I'm desperate or something.. I mean, I know my love life is pretty shitty but they always try to tell me who they THINK i'd be perfect with, and they are soo wrong. Especially when its like my gal pal's guy friend's friend who is nowhere near my type.. yuck.

6. I never sleep. I mean, I do sleep alot.. But I go through periods where I stay up all night and only nap during the day.. Then there is this weird time where I sleep ALL day long.. IDK why. I guess when my body is just tooo tired, It crashes. And nobody can wake me up. Not even for food. I even slept thru thanksgiving.

7. As you probably already know, I want to write novels. I'm working on one now. Someone said I should do urban writing, you know the Terry McMillan's and whatnot.. I could do it. Have you heard my stories from high school alone?! uhh yeah.. definitely a made for tv movie. Can we say Lifetime MOvie network?

8. I'm the oldest girl in my family. So I have some very boy like qualities. Its kind of sad when you think about it. My cousin had to sit me down and tell me that I'm not a BOY.. Way before Ciara & Beyonce came out with those songs.. But anywho, I grew up around all guys and have had the WORST relationships with girls- EVER. Which is why I have sooo many guy friends and dude usually enjoy conversing with me.. :) yeahh i'm such a GOOD catch.

9. In addition to my extra fingers, I have a third nipple. Called a supernumerary or accessory nipple. Doesn't look like a nipple at all actually. More of a mole.. thats directly below my boobs on the "milk line". Maybe I have so much extra ish going on because I was supposed to have a twin.. or i was kinda overdue.. or i'm just that darn Special :)

10. I love cartoons. I often get into arguments with my guy because if i'm spending time with him, i HAVE to watch my cartoons. It gets really serious. Me and my roommate had the best time ever because we BOTH loved watchin cartoons in the morning while gettin ready for class.. Made many HH Penthouse girls mad because Spongebob was loud from 6-9am daily. lmao

11. Baking is a gift of mine.. My mother has recipe books lying around with the old recipes and we usually make whatever they are and tweak the recipes a little to improve them. I spend hours looking up different recipes until i get it right. Like just now, I perfected the sugar cookie. Yes I am badass in the kitchen. How domesticated am I?! Ha!

12. I absolutely LOVE Beyoncé!!! Its kinda crazy.. If you've ever been to my house, you'd know that the walls were once covered with Beyoncé/Destiny's Child/Solange pictures.. Yes even Solange because she is simply Beyoncé's younger sister. I am borderlined obsessed. In high school, to get the parties started, my friends would put on a Beyoncé song and make me perform the dance sequence from the Video for everyone. Yes I know the WHOLE "Single Ladies" dance. I also know the routines to "Crazy In Love", "Baby Boy", "Déjà vu", "Ring the Alarm", "Get Me Bodied", and now i'm perfecting "Diva". LOL. So whenever I hear those songs.. sometimes I can't help BUT to dance my little ass off. hehehe :)

13. I hate authority. I hate people telling me what I can and can not do which is why life at Spelman was so baffling to me freshman year. Who are they to tell me when I can or can not have visitors?! Hahaha.. crazy. I do things sometimes just to prove a point. Like when my mother told me that I couldn't talk to boys, of course I did. And when they told me not to drink.. eh duh i did. Or to not go out to the club.. haha, yeahh so did that too. I know this isn't a GOOD thing, but still. I feel like I have the right to do certain things if it doesn't harm anyone.

14. I was in girl scouts for like 7 years. and I LOVED it. I really miss it. I made it all the way to Cadette Scout. I was soo excited because we got to wear the khaki uniform with the sash that tied at the end with the little blue collar shirts. So Spiffy!! My daughters will most definitely be in GS as freaking Daisy Scouts. And my sons boy scouters, whether they like it or not! I can tie the best square knot you've ever seen.. Slip Knot?! no problema..

15. I'm addicted to purple & black things. If you saw my room.. you'd know that without even thinkin, I bought things that were purple without even realizing it. Lotions, cleaning products, body spray, etc.. Everything was purple. My notebook was purple. Its sickening. And ever since I was like in 8th grade I've always bought black clothing.. Shirts, pants, skirts, shoes EVERYTHING. Paired with my usual heavy eyeliner, people would think that I was gothic or something. No, i just LOVE black stuff. I try to buy things that aren't black or purple ... but I can't help it. I always resort back to my safety colors. lol

16. I have the worst relationships with guys EVER. If its anything beyond friendship, its doomed to fail. Seriously.. I have NO idea why. I even moved away from my usual "type" and still no success. I haven't given up on guys.. I just found it quite interesting that I pick the WRONG ones. And usually the guys that I really REALLy like have girlfriends. So typical of me. i kinda think that i WANT all my relationships to fail or have problems just so i have something to write about.. You know how like Keyshia Cole first couple of albums were the best ever because she was talkin bout fail'd relationships and guys doin her wrong and blah blah blah & everybody was LOVING her. Now she's all happy & its like eh, wtf?! the same with Mary J. Blige. I don't care bout how happy you are, i'm NOT. smh.. lol

Now, I'm pretty sure that you've NEVER read a note as good as mine.. This is the best 16 EVER. lol:)

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