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(Eight + Twelve) X Five / ( Four ) +One Quirky Tidbits about Bee

(Eight + Twelve) X Five / ( Four ) +One Quirky Tidbits about Bee (From facebook notes)

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

*** I really didn't want to do this because I've already did the Sweet 16 one, and this is basically the same damn thing.. I think its silly but of course I got into it as always.. I don't understand why i actually read every person who tagged me in their note's 25 facts smh. so read.. enjoy.. ***

One. It took me almost ten minutes to come up with the title for this stupid ass note.

Two. I thought i was going "natural" but now I have finally realized that I'm just gonna grow out my hair & get weave soon.. But i'm not getting a relaxer anymore.. Only because I have these cool spiral curls in the back of my head and they aren't really tight.. kinda loose.

Three. I've had a blog since 2003. I was a freshman in high school. It was actually an online diary account on My last entry dates back to 2006. From there I moved on to my myspace blog and eventually my blogspot which I started senior year. That's the main reason why I hate that everyone and there kid sister has a blog. Or maybe I'm just jealous. For that reason I'm not broadcasting it ANYMORE.

Four. In kindergarten I won first place in our "Fun Run", which was this mile long race that everyone took place in. I wore mary janes that day & a red plaid pant suit jumper ensemble. I have a picture. Horrible. That was the last time I won a blue ribbon for something athletic.

Five. In third grade, every girl in my P.E. class (which was like 6 different classes) either hated me or was my friend. That was the ongoing battle that year. It got so bad that the P.E. coach had a sit down with every girl (kinda like in mean girls) and made us talk out our problems. It was revealed that every girl said that I "thought I was all that because I had a big booty.." I really think Tina Fey wrote that script about me and not some book.

Six. I know random songs & random movies & random facts about random things.. If you start singing a song or ask me about it (SAM) 90% of the time i know it.. I even play the lyrics game with my cousin ** you text a song lyric and then the other person has to guess the artist/song it comes from & vice versa** People often call me to settle disagreement on song lyrics or text me wanting to know why we say " .. and to the republic.." in the pledge of allegiance.. and how to spell random words. :)

Seven. I think of my life as Pre-fat Brittney, Fat Brittney, Skinny Brittney, Chubby Brittney & now.. Those years are birth-4th grade, 5th & 6th grade, 7th-11th grade, 12th grade, & college life (now)

Eight. I'm obsessed with asians. I really think that i'm part asian, mainly because a handful of people have been saying that I look asian for years. But i don't see it. Unless i have blunt bangs and heavy eyeliner. whew. but seriuosly, when i see asian people i smile. i think i wanna marry an asian/black guy..

Nine. Call me weird or gross but I actually like when i have dandruff. Like its disgusting but I will take a comb and scratch until i see white flakes fall onto my desk, shirt or whatever's in front of me..

Ten. Slowly but surely I'm turning anti-social. If i could I'd stay in my room all day staring at the wall or writing. Alot of times I ignore texts or calls just because... I actually don't like people.. or crowds.. I can count all of my friends on one hand. Just enough fingers to slap a bitch with. If you have a plethora of friends.. or a gaggle of friends.. or a slew of friends.. chances are they really don't "like" you.. eliminate people and life will be ohh so much better.

Eleven. To date I've been featured on at least ten different sites. Unfortunately they've only been negative tidbits. When I become famous I know those stories will be in the National Enquirer.

Twelve. I have the two lamest, most common, and corniest tattoos ever but I don't care.. I think my butterfly and stars are cute. My next tat is going to be three bumble bees on my back with the dotted trail behind them. After that i'm getting a smiley face on my collar bone. Then I'm getting a monkey swinging from a vine eating a banana on my side/hip. And i just came up with the last two right now...

Thirteen. I’m very sensitive. I only cry when I’m really upset or mad, not sad. When I’m sad I’m usually in a corner somewhere or by myself.. Which is why I hate confronting people because my first reaction is to cry (mea, megan, jamiere ahem…)

Fourteen. Everyone who knows me thinks that I’m weird. I’m not like anyone in my family. They are all pretty normal, others say.. But I don’t think I’m weird.. I’m just different I guess.. like everyone else. Which means I’m not different at all.

Fifteen. I cant hide my feelings or what I’m thinking for that matter.. When I’m in church and people are testifying of preaching a sermon I often find myself smirking, shaking my head, rolling my eyes or giving them the WTF?! Face.. I know its wrong and all but come on now! You KNOW they be lying!! Hahahaha.. If I think something is just stupid, my face reads STUPID. I think I was supposed to be a cartoon character instead of a human. Smh.

Sixteen. I’m fascinated with boobs.. mainly my own. And they’re not even big but I often stare at them or look at them in the mirror. I think having boobs has to be the BEST part about being a girl.

Seventeen. I’m the messiest person EVER but I hate dirtyness. It’s the worst way to be because I throw things all over the place but I HATE for my carpet to be dirty. I leave hair in my sink.. but I hate for there to be hair there. I can’t focus when my bed is messy but I hate to make it up. I'm just live a contradicting lifestyle

Eighteen. I had perfect 20/20 vision until seventh grade. This all happened at girl scout camp.. You see, I was spraying myself with bug spray and accidentally sprayed myself in the eyes.. Ever since them I’ve been blind as a bat. I only wore glasses for one year. By 8th grade I had contacts.
***I've had green contacts since freshman year. I only got them because every other black girl in my school either had Honey, Hazel or Grey.. I thought I was being "different" by getting green. Soon after everyone followed suit.. smh***

Nineteen. I know this sounds silly but I hate shopping. I hate trying on clothes. I hate walking through the mall for hours. Usually I only go to the mall to visit the food court. Yes I will really take the marta to lenox or perimeter to get Malibu or Mango chicken.

Twenty. I never forgive people. I know its wrong not to but I cant help it. Once you fuck me over once I'm secretly plotting revenge in my head. I can hold a grudge for years. I actually cant remember why I don’t like some people now.. oh yeah, I do remember. Example A: this girl spread rumors about me freshman year.. I was pissed. But I didn’t do anything bout it. The next yr she thought we were friends and asked for my advice on getting back at this guy.. stupidest question ever. So I told her to do the most awful thing ever.. she did it. People started talkin bout her really bad. I almost ruined her life.. at least her relationship with him. Ha.

Twenty one. I suffer from old lady syndrome. I keep my window open all day & listen to people’s conversations outside.. I don’t know them or the people they’re talkin bout but I just like to listen. I gossip all the time. I know everyone’s business. But I never spill it. I just like knowing things about people.

Twenty two. I post stupid videos on youtube and random people leave me messages asking for advice. I actually respond to them. I’m super friendly to strangers… its strange. I’m a bitch in real life.

Twenty three. I’m the butchiness straight girl ever.. I think. I can push cars by myself with people in them while its raining, I can build tables and chairs, I can fix random things around the house, I can knock over vending machines to get stuck snacks out, I can carry large heavy boxes filled with cleaning supplies by myself, I can move furniture by myself.. basically I’m like the guy around the house without a tool belt. Sad thing is I have NO muscle definition in my arms but I’m strong as hell. Scary.

Twenty four. I hate it when random people think they know me and my whole life story just because they read my blog, notes, status.. etc.. Someone read my blog and noticed that my father wasn’t mentioned at all so they sent me a message asking what problems did I have with him.. I rarely talk about my family unless its really funny or I’m pissed. I actually found an entry where my father was mentioned. He was stupid.

Twenty five. I can count the number of times I’ve been in trouble at school. In elementary it was because I jumped off the see saw and the chick on the other end hit the ground so hard her ass was throbbin so I had to sit out in recess.. The next time was sixth grade when this high schooler was picking on my little brother so I punched him & called him a bitch.. the bus driver didn’t see the punch but heard the bitch so I was suspended from the bus for three days. In high school I actually be late for class so that I’d get detentions and had a reason to stay after school just so I could be around the varsity boys after practice Oh yeah, and I always got in trouble for dress code only because I refuse to listen to some lady tell me that my skirt is only too short in the back because I have junk in my trunk.

Twenty six. I hate seeing misspelled words.. I mean, its okay to leave the ends of words off from time to time, I do it too.. but when you’re writing a status and use a “big” word like copacetic and spell it coppastetic I get pissed. Or spell INDEPENDENT with an A(mea.. lmao). I mean, don’t broadcast that.. keep it to yourself. ..

Oh yeah I wrote twenty six because two + six = eight.. and eight is my favorite number ..

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