Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sober Tales

Partied hard last night. Actually had fun for the first time being 100% sober. No alcohol, no drugs-- just music and great people. Random guys on me. Random girls hating. For some odd reason I felt like we were all involved in an intense game of "i bet you won't step in my square". I wanted to punch her. I wasn't even on it gahhhh. They were playing all these fight songs. I mean when you hear "Keep My Name Out Cho Mouth" what else do you do but scream "& put my dick up in it" in unison with the rest of your Huntsvillian pals?? Girlfight didn't help either. And for some strange reason I was dancing. Shaking my ass. Poppin it on a handstand. Okay maybe not poppin it on handstand but you know..

The benefits of being sober? I woke up this morning at 7am. I wasn't tired. My eyes weren't puffy or red. Makeup wasn't smeared down  my face. I wasn't horny last night (at least not ridiculously horny like "i need dick now"). I wasn't sweaty and stinky. My makeup didn't run. I didn't fall down. All in all it was a pretty bomb ass night. Can't wait to party sober AGAIN :)

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