Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sorry I've been toooooo busy living to blog which is pretty darn sad. I still manage to find time to tweet and facebook though *sigh*. Okay so updates on my life..

I'm not pregnant. Sucks huh? Really funny because I haven't woohoo'd since March or so and the last person who I woohoo'd was certain I was preggers. He really wishes that I were. I told him I could be & he was really calm about it. Not even trippin. Surprising as hell to me. If I were knocked up I wouldn't mind him being the father even though we aren't together.. at all. And he's a freakin liar. I take that back, I'd HATE for him to be the father of my unborn child. Or any guy I'm not with. See, i just corrected my damn self. A work in progress..

He thinks that I don't know that he's involved with that girl and that I don't know that when he says he is hanging out with his cousins he is actually with them. I hate men..

Well not all men. I still love that one guy. I always will. Planning to visit him in NYC once he's settled and what not. We're in a relationship.. He just hasn't accepted it yet. Hahahaha. I sound crazy. I'm just talking. Forgive me.

Sometimes I just want to kiss you.. other times I want to kick you. *shrugs*

You know what, I do have soo much to say yet so little time. My attention span is very short these days. Later. :)

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