Friday, July 16, 2010

Tale of a Cat Lady

Its NO secret. I hate cats. I hate most animals but cats can be very annoying. I tried my best to get rid of these cats and to keep them away from me. Why? They're crazy & they are fleabags. It all started with one cat named July who just can't seem to keep her legs closed. Every few months a big white cat comes around, bangs her out and then leaves once he gets his. Soon she is giving birth to a new litter and we don't see the white cat until he's ready to smash again. Dead beat dad. So this means WE have 7 cats roaming around who all follow me around because they're hungry. Ugh. Too expensive. Anywho, we got rid of half of em. Only 2 kittens and the mama are left plus some older cat.

Well, I usally kick them or douse them with pepper or whatever I have around me to keep them away but they always seem to wanna snuggle up against my leg or get me to hold them. Tonight a HUGE bug flew at my head and I flailed around for a bit until I finally knocked it to the ground. Low & behold, the freakin kitten came out of nowhere and attacked the giant bug that tried to kill little ol' Bee! After I've sprayed them with water and kicked them across the yard, this cat still came to my rescue! I love these cats now. He even ATE the killer bug. I need to apologize to the kittens now. I was so cruel to them and they were just protecting me.. *sigh* So much for men.

Remember when I wrote that I'd be an old spinster living in North Dakota with my 100s of stuffed animals instead of cats because I'm not a "cat person"? Well guess what? I will NOW end up with my 10 cats in North Dakota-- No man in sight.

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