Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Ugly Guys Appear to Look Attractive on Twitter

Guys on twitter annoy me. Guys in GENERAL annoy me. They always claim that they "can't trust these females photoshopping they pics nshit... Don't know the real from the fake" smh. Oh please! Like you men haven't tricked us into believing you're more attractive than you really are!

There's the HAT trick. You know the dude who wears a hat in all his pics & always wears a hat to the club so you can't tell he has that jacked up hairline... Or the hat casts a shadow over hiss face so all you really see is his lips (Kinda like JayZ in that one pic.. you know what I'm talking about.) Yes, you fooling us.

You guys take those far away pics so we can't really see your face- just your chiseled chest & stomach.. So like ugly girls, you ugly boys show off your body. You're not fooling me. Put that shirt down. And then they always hold the camera or camera phone so that you cant really see their face.

The angle trick. Even I know this. From certain angles you look slimmer and more appealing. Fat girls know if they hold the camera above eye level and look up a bit, it slims their face. Men know the angle trick as well except they usually look down with the camera above them once again showing off their abs, top of they head and a little piece of their face.

Or they do the look off to the side trick. Side/Profile face shots hide the ugliness.

If they look away from the camera, you can't tell if they're crossed eyed.

So please, don't get on twitter talking about "small picture cute" females (word to lil Duval) when you fall into that category your damn self. You sometimey cute dudes.

*LATE EDIT* OOh! And let's not forget the 'grab my face and snarl at the camera' trick or the 'make a really ugly face like im mugging the camera but im just tryna act like im cute & pretending to be ugly' face dudes make. smh.

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