Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Eyes Are Green

At least that's what many guys think. You see, for the longest I wore green contacts. Acuvue colorblends. They actually looked REALLY natural on me.  Like they ACTUALLY fit me. I remember my first time walking on Morehouse campus this guy walked out of his way to come up to me and say "Excuse me but I really couldn't walk past you without saying you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen". I simply smiled my Bee smile and said thanks as he walked away.

My roommate didn't know my eyes weren't green until she saw me taking out my contacts one night before bed. My first boyfriend in the A also didn't know my eyes weren't green until these guys had a bet and asked and I said "No" for like the first time EVER. smh.

Maybe its the color of my skin or my hair or maybe the shape of my eyes that made it seem believable that I had green eyes. Hell for the longest I actually forgot my eyes were big brown and beautiful instead of sultry & green.

My eyes are green because I eat alot of vegetables.. It has nothing to do with acuvue colorblends! *Erykah Badu voice*

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