Monday, July 26, 2010

Fuck My Exes

My love life sucks. Not because of the people in it presently (or lack there of) but mainly because of my PAST relationships. My exes seem to all want to string me along for the ride. I know you're thinking, "how many exes does Miss "I'm always single" have?" Well about a handful. None of my relationships lasted long so they all seem to be a blip in my mind until they try to reconnect. They're all supposedly in "love" now and so devoted to their current girlfriends but somehow they still want to bang me.

Yes, Bee--- I can't be their girlfriend now. I'm too much. But for some strange reason you keep coming back wanting to "see" me, wanting pics of me, wanting to smash the homie, wanting to see  how I am. Blah blah blah. I am your EX. I wasn't what you wanted or needed so you chose someone else.. WHY are you still on me? I don't even entertain it anymore. smh. carry the hell on.

I could so ruin or cause a strain if I forwarded these texts to your wifey but I won't. I'm erasing them. Fuck unsuspecting girlfriends who don't do shit when they find out their man is creeping because they really can't see themselves alone so they rather stick with a cheater. *sigh* You deserve him with your dumbasses.

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