Sunday, July 11, 2010

Twilight Sucks

I've seen the 3 twilight movies.. the WHOLE first one.. part of the 2nd and 30mins of the Eclipse one: They all suck. Maybe I just can't get with the whole Vampire/Werewolves movement. I honestly haven't fucked with Vampires since Aaliyah was in Queen of the Damned.

Twilight is full of bad acting. It seems so thrown together. The actors even know the movie sucks! Thats why whenever Bella I mean Kristen Stewart receives an award she doesn't really want it & looks embarrassed- She KNOWS its a shitty movie and her skills are bleh. Why do they ALL want Bella? She isn't even cute! There's much hotter tail running around that town. smh.

Don't try and convince me that Twilight is a good movie... And I generally like kiddie movies. Toy Story 3 was AWESOME! Hell even the Harry Potter movies are better-- Twilight sucks.

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