Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lesson Learned

Everyday I learn something new. Today I was fortunate to learn TWO lessons.

1.) Never text back your ex when you are seemingly cool with his current girlfriend because he will lie and act as if YOU are the one texting him and that he never calls you--- when you have proof that he calls ALL THE TIME.

2.) Even if a guy tells you that the status he posted on facebook saying "This is for u.... hope u feel special" (AFTER you told him to him you would love for him to make a status about you so that you could feel special...) and multiple girls comment thinking its about them, its pretty safe to say that you are NOT the only person he talks to.

I've also learned that a guy saying he's heartless is just another excuse for him to be an asshole. He doesn't care about anyone but himself.

Men think that I am easily fooled, and I'm really not. Social networking sites will definitely get you caught up. *Be careful.

And ladies, please don't come at me about your MAN supposedly being with me.. He says he is single. That's all I can go by. If you say otherwise, take it up with him. Too old for this.

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