Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hair Pulling

Haven't written anything linking to sex in quite some time. So someone was doing a stupid #tt about sex no nos or something lame and it said "dont pull on my hair".. I thought for a millisecond and said "I dnt mind u gently pullin on my hair cuz its mine but umm yall dudes get too rough & my hairline & scalp is fragile." 

I don't know why dudes want to pull on my hair. Its not weave but its still MY hair. If I had a sew in I wouldn't mind you pulling it, im not feeling shit but if its a quickweave/glue in, or my natural fro, you must be careful. One dude gripped my bangs and pulled as hard as he could I had to hit him and use my deep "androgynous" voice so he'd stop. NO. That hurts like hell and I be damned if I have bald spots or a hairline like Naomi Campbell's because of you wanting to be too aggressive and yank my freaking hair out.

Be gentle.

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