Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Your Love

Nicki Minaj currently has the #1 song on the rap charts with "Your Love", a song that wasn't even supposed to be a single until it was leaked and radios started to play it. A female rapper hasn’t had a #1 solo record in over 8 years. The last song from a female rapper to top the charts was “Work it” by Missy Elliot. MISSY ELLIOT!? Damn... This is a pretty big deal. Another reason for there NOT to be silly Kim vs Nicki beef. Women need to take over. C'mon! A little girl power will get us a looooooong way. I personally liked Your Love better than anything I heard on her "Barbie World" mixtape.. Well Saxon was better. Wish Rihanna would've picked it up for her album. Go Nicki. Not a huge fan but I fucks with you. :)

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