Sunday, July 25, 2010

The First Kiss

I miss the days when crazy makeout sessions in the backseat of cars was the norm. *sigh*

I remember my first kiss. I was in Pre-K. On the bus. Guy wanted to sit with me.. but my friend liked him and didn't want him to sit with me so she told me to come sit with her. I looked at her, then looked at him, then back at her and just shook me head "uh uh" and scooted over so he could sit down. I mean, he was the cutest guy in all of Pre-k and just moments earlier my "friend" told me she didn't want me to sit with her.. she wanted to sit by herself. Of course when he sat down with me she got jealous. She never spoke to me again. (This has shaped my relationship with all women... hehehe) This guy, cute as he was, was so happy that I let him sit with me that he kissed me on the hand then looked up at me with those pretty brown eyes. I died! I'm smiling now just thinking about it.

Then there was the first kiss with the guy I really liked... Who I thought I loved. It was in high school, last day of 9th grade and I came home after I took my finals and popped a bag of popcorn and put a few scoops of vanilla ice cream into another bowl. He came over, I went to put my food away and came back to find him going through my under drawer!!!!! Then he sat on my bed. I lay beside him then I sat on top of him. He then said "This is the first time we've ever been alone.." to which I replied "Yea but whose fault is that?" He smiled. I smiled. He looked at me. I looked at him. Then it happened- we kissed. Our first kiss. Our first time being alone. My first kiss in my room. Our first time. All in one day. *sigh*

And then there was my last first kiss. At least the last one that was memorable. Halloween 2008. I was a bee. I know you heard this story a million times but it meant the world to me. I know, I'm such a goober. Hush. Anywho for some strange reason my fishnets were ripped, my wings were droopy and the red cup I held in my hand was empty. My eyes were low, but I was feeling lovely and he was feeling me. Maybe it was because he was my friend who I'd secretly been crushing on forever or it was because he made some joke about cunnilingus earlier. Whatever. I was feeling good. Somehow he lead me outside and my drunk ass could barely walk straight. We ended up at his car. I really don't want to say too much because this can get a bit graphic but we ended up kissing like a bunch of high schoolers. People were walking past his car, some were even looking but I didn't care. We could have woohoo'd right then and there. I did not care. His lips just felt so right against mine. So soft. It was perfect. I still remember that as my last first kiss. All others just don't seem to compare. Mainly because I really really really liked him... and still do. *sigh*

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