Monday, July 26, 2010

My Current Twitter Bio

Now you're probably wondering why Pepper Ann?? Well I got tired of Sayuri and I loved the cartoon Pepper Ann growing up. Location? Well eventually I was somewhere over the rainbow but I figured that Santa's Lap was a far better place to be. I envisioned myself singing "Santa Baby" whilst sitting in Ol' St. Nick's lap and he's whispering in my ear like "Damn girlll..." okay maybe not but that does sound like a Holiday porno.
Umm I am Bee, and of course I'm vividly bland! Beyonce is my BFF... I don't see why that's so hard to believe. Of course I'm OBSESSED WITH DRIZZY DRAKE AKA DRAKKARDNOIR AKA AUBREY GRAHAM! lol I mean, my name is "Pepper Ann Graham". Smh. I am a veteran blogger. Been blogging since I rocked pigtails. Super Nova Girl is a shout out to Protozoa from Xenon in all her zoom zoom zoom glory. Cool to the max? The best phrase ever to come out of the valley.

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