Friday, April 30, 2010

ATL or Bust

I bet I bust.... If i don't go to ATL. Or bust when I get there. I need to get there. My hun bun is graduating. I wanna see him before he goes to NY. My bitch is going to be in boot camp all summer. I need to see her before then. I just really miss my ATL people. I just wanna hang & bang.. swang.. All that good ish. I need to really spell check these posts before I publish them. I just corrected two grammatical errors whilst writing.. & there are probably a whole lot more. Any who, If you'd like to give me money for my plane tickets, just hit me up & I'll give you the paypal. I LOVE you guys soo much. lol. Hopefully my back account will be replenished by next week *sigh*

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