Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Life I Live..

I write about a lot of shit that I'm guilty of myself. Not all but some.

I've always felt some kind of way about having designer clothes. Obviously I can't afford it on MY own. I vividly remember being as young as 10 going to the mall with my older step-sister's who only wanted to buy Tommy Hilfiger jeans & Ralph Lauren shirts. I was very content with getting my $20 jeans in Macy's. They made fun of me. "Why won't you get no Polo?" Ummm because its UGLY! I'd scream at them. I've always had that mentality. Why spend more on a NAME when I could find something that has essentially the SAME quality for less money?? Why should I broadcast COOGI without being paid? I'm not a label whore. I don't care how much something cost. I refuse to pay for a damn NAME that I own no parts of.

I refuse to carry around a designer purse. Why? I have this weird little ideal in my head that you should NEVER carry around a purse without having equal or more than what the purse cost you in your bank account. I've had this same idea for years. In high school ALL the girls had Dooney & Burke purses except for me. I was very much content with my walmart purse. I hate purses anyways but IF i do need to carry one, a Coach is not needed. That's not my lifestyle. My father has TRIED to buy me a Coach bag for the last four years & I've vehemently REFUSED to accept that offer. I rather have that money in my account that on my damn shoulder.

Don't get me wrong, I have blown money on shit I don't need just for the sake of saying "Yeah this is _____, you don't know bout THIS-- Nigga you aint UP ON THIS" like Kanye says in All Falls Down. Hypocrite? NO. I'm just not perfect. We all have our issues.

I wrote about being able to achieve some success by having little or no talent but being very pretty. I don't know about fame but I do know that being an attractive female with body parts that MEN & some women might appreciate, I get away with a tad bit more than those who don't have my assets. Oops. Oh my.

I'm talented though so its okay if I'm noticed by my FACE & BODY first.. I know that eventually you will respect my mind soon. I know that physical attraction comes first. I'm not stupid.

I'm a frugal girl. I rather see a comma in my bank account than have a closet full of shit that will be out of style by the time the season's change.

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